Juni 28, 2018 2 min read


We know you're busy, and being busy all the time we get exhausted. Waking up early and working late eventually
takes its toll...

That's why we have put together our top tips on sleeping better. Self care is just as important as succeeding.
Take a look at our top tips on getting a better nights rest..

  1. Use lavender oil.
    Aroma therapy is excellent for aiding the sleep process. I put it around my neck, on my temples and behind my ears. This oil is incredibly relaxing. Lighting a candle will also help.
  2. Turn off the phone
    Stop using your phone 30 minutes before bed. I know its hard when you've got boss girl things to do, but it ends up affecting your sleep patterns drastically. Mobile phones basically tell your brain to stay awake. The bright screens make it impossible to wind down.
  3. Wake up to natural light
    Leaving blinds open, so you allow your body clock to naturally wake up helps your body to feel recharged naturally. This avoids the burden of waking up in a dark room and not wanting to get out of the covers.
  4. Go to bed at the same time
    Going to bed at the same time every night creates a routine. Waking up to alarms are dreadful!! You can purchase light therapy off of Amazon they range between $30-150. Light therapy turns on to slowly wake you, simulating natural sunlight.
    Here's the link.
  5. Wear our silky sets to bed...
    Lastly snuggle up in the covers with our luxury soft sets. Each design is made carefully to fit your soft curves comfortably. Sleep better in One Empire. www.oneempire.com.au