Oktober 30, 2019 1 min read

5 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep
It takes only 5 minutes of waking up, for 50% of your dream to be forgotten
Once we wake up our brains are being used a lot more, so we forgot what we dreamt about during our beauty sleep! 
Lack of sleep makes you hungry
Sleeping regulates hormones that control your appetite, compared to lack of sleep which increases the “hunger” hormone, leptin. Lack of sleep also increases your sugar cravings…………. WOWEE. I feel attached.
Most emotions felt in your sleep are bad
Emotions such as guilt, confusion, and sadness are the most common emotions experienced in your sleep.
Social jetlag – it’s a thing
Social jetlag happens when we go to bed later and wake up later on the weekend than we do on a weekday. Who knew my Netflix binge really caused jetlag!
Jerking your self-awake right before you fall asleep is called ‘hypnic jerks’
Ever wonder why you wake yourself up RIGHT before you are about to go into a deep sleep? Yep... well it’s a thing and they are called hypnic jerks, totally normal but they decrease as you get older.