Agustus 08, 2020 1 min read

Millennials these days have never experience being indoors for the longest time. We are the generation that likes to go out and party every weekend. This time everything is change. We can no longer go out the way we used to. Now is the time to stay indoors and keep our distance with each other. We will share you some tips and activities you can do at home and still have fun!


1. Do self care


Now that we are all staying at home, it is the best time to take a rest and do some self care. Be it a skincare routine, manicures and DIY masks, you name it.


2. Read a book

Get your favorite book and start reading! You'll realize how much time have passed since you last read a book!


3. Sleep

With all that stress, work and virus going on, we all have to get our beauty rest. Sleep early at night and wear comfortable sleepwear. Take a warm cup of tea for that extra self care.