Juni 30, 2020 1 min read

Getting your best night's sleep does not just involve eating right, regular exercise, and staying away from stress. While most of us think that being healthy entails life-changing habits, it can be as simple as just wearing the right silky-soft pj's to bed. Pyjamas can improve the quality of sleep by:



Silk pajamas always feels great against your skin, but experts have evidence to suggest that it can also help stop aging. The material contains a natural protein, as well as a number of all-important amino acids. Studies have concluded that amino acids can make wrinkles appear smoother as the nervous system becomes more relaxed.


Silk pillowcases can provide significant benefits for the health of your hair. Although silk does not absorb liquids, it’s ‘moisture wicking’ qualities help to move excess moisture and grease away from your body. It helps ensure that your hair can remain dry and lacking in grease the following morning. The smoothness of the material also reduces thinning of the hair which can lead to potential split ends.


silk helps regulate our body temperature and reduce perspiration while we sleep.
Silk can reduce stress factors for our body and aid in a deeper slumber. Its cooling effect during hot summer nights and warming quality due to the fabrics tightly woven fibers make silk an optimal choice for sleepwear. Choosing silk puts the least stress on our skin and allow you to sleep comfortably without irritation.
Start shopping now for your silk pajamas and sleep comfortably!