April 28, 2021 1 min read

How to Make Your Room More Sleep Friendly

Keep your room cool

Warmer temperatures do really affect sleep quality. If you don’t want to leave the air conditioning on blast all night you can use a ceiling fan or an electric fan, or open windows when nighttime temperatures are cool. Cooling mattress pads and lighter-weight bedding can also help.

Use your bed for Sleep Only

Be sure to use your bed only for sleeping. Avoid doing other activities in your bed like watching Netflix, doing work, or eating. It can condition your brain to become active in this environment and make your brain alert when it’s time to go to sleep. So skip these activities before going to sleep.

Remove your gadgets

It’s not just the TV stealing your sleep at night; your laptop, tablet, phone, and other electronics (especially those with bright LED lights) also share the blame. Stay away from gadgets before sleeping, as they make your brain stimulated and also induces stress. 

Wear Comfortable Sleepwear

Wear comfortable clothes when going to sleep. The best pj's are made of silk, like the Deep Red Lace Cami Set from One Empire. They're comfy and cool plus you'll look cute while sleeping.


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